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Children in foster care need love above all else, and Hopefully Sow aims to show love by providing basic needs. 


Many of the kids in foster care often arrive with few or no personal belongings. Through our signature program we provide them with new, quality bedding that they can call their own and take with them.

Run Club​

The girls at the Settlement Home have a run club throughout the school year. We purchase new shoes for those who complete all the club's requirements after enjoying a fun meal together.

Undergarment Fitting

Many females have never been taught or shown the correct way to wear undergarments. A group of female volunteers take young women to be properly fitted for undergarments. This experience helps them learn about how to best represent their bodies while boosting self esteem. 

Back to School Shopping

Most children head back to school with new clothes and supplies that their parents have been able to provide for them. A group of volunteers fills in this gap for foster kids at the Settlement Home and SAFE by giving them a generous budget and taking them shopping for their back-to-school needs.  

Clothing Closet

Clothes have a big impact on how we can express ourselves and feel good about ourselves. We have taken donations on gently used clothing and new clothing to help keep the closets stocked for the Settlement Home and Austin Children’s Shelter.

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