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Erwin Almonte

Erwin serves on our Executive Board. After attending a few volunteer events at The Austin Shelters with his wife Ash, Erwin witnessed the joy the children experienced being creative with fun projects. In his time there he began to learn more about the children and their stories. They quickly left a lasting impression on him. He continues to volunteer regularly and is passionate about meeting the needs of children in foster care.


Melissa Cadwallader

Melissa serves on our Executive Board. Melissa and her husband are parents through the miracle of adoption! She has a heart for kids in foster care and believes that even the smallest gesture can have a life-changing impact. She works in human resources, is a knitter and reader and loves to travel. She lives in Austin with her husband, son, daughter, and two dogs. 


Jason Muesse

Jason serves on our Executive Board. He is the Chief Operations Officer and Founder of Altor National Liability Insurance, LLC. Jason has been an avid supporter of Hopefully Sow since inception, and is inspired by its impact within our community in just a few short years. Jason’s passion to provide the youth of Austin fundamental personal needs, art & music opportunities, and normal childhood experiences led him to join the board. When he's not working to insure and defend physicians from malpractice lawsuits, he enjoys running, traveling, do-it-yourself projects and spending time with his dog. 


Molly Sylestine

Molly serves on our Executive Board. Molly is an adjunct professor of communications at Concordia University and a busy mama. She has been working as a volunteer for Hopefully Sow for the past few years, as she longs to make a difference in the lives of children who are in the margins. She is excited to officially join the group of passionate board members and volunteers who share this mission. Molly loves to sing, travel, read and hang out with her husband, three little girls and their puggle.


Lyndsey Wells

Lyndsey serves on our Executive Board. Lyndsey grew up in a beautiful city of Chicago and has lived in Austin for over six years now. She has her master's in criminal justice and her bachelor's in sociology. She is passionate about philanthropy and service and has spent years serving the underserved in her community. One of the many things she loves about service is the relationship she builds with volunteers through volunteering. In her free time she enjoys traveling and spending time taking care of her numerous pet frogs.

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